On 5 June 2017, the Cygma Group will launch its Global Project 2022 in all regions across the globe. “I am calling on all SHEQ Consultants and Service providers Globally! We are launching something HUGE! It is going Global! It is going to become the FUTURE!” was the words of […]

Cygma Group Global Connect

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The Health and Safety profession in South Africa started in 1971 with the formation of the first professional association for the discipline. The Chartered Institute of Industrial Safety Engineers (CHIISE), was the first entity to promote the profession. Under the previous Factories, Machinery And Building Works Act, 1941, these professionals […]

The Future of Health & Safety as a profession in ...

The two new divisions in the Cygma Group’s stable, Cygma Managed Health Care and Cygma BPO have been rebranded with their own colours. Whilst there was initial objections to the rebranding due to cost, both these divisions are fairly young and not a lot of capital have been invested in […]

Cygma rebrands two new divisions

The Cygma Group has embarked on a massive restructuring of its shareholding in subsidiary company, De Novo Media. After the acquisition of a 25% share in the business, including the sheqafrica.com publication in May 2016, the Group has decided to sell off its shares in De Novo Media. This comes […]

Cygma restructures its shareholding in 2017

Last Updated: April 21 2016 Article by: Richard R. Meneghello   Employers are generally aware of their duty to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs. Whether that means rearranging work schedules, permitting modifications to dress codes, permitting prayer breaks, or any number of other alterations, you know that the law requires […]

United States: Do You Have To Accommodate An Employee Who ...

SHEQDrive is the coined term used for the Group’s expansion of its SHEQ division into Southern Africa, offering Safety consultants, Occupational Health and Medical Practitioners, Environmental Consultants and Lead Auditors the opportunity to become part of the largest professional talent pool in the region. The release of 80% of its […]

Cygma launches its SHEQDrive

PECB signs a partnership agreement with The Cygma Group   (November 11th, 2015) “PECB is honored to announce that it has signed a new partnership agreement with the Cygma Group, to distribute PECB training courses in South Africa. This partnership will ensure that the respective companies will give their contribution […]


The South African Hazardous Biological Agents law will extend to health work employers, who have to implement a management system by 2017. Medical and health workers have until April 2017 to implement a comprehensive health and safety management system based on OHSAS 18001. This follows from the recent inclusion of […]

Hazardous Biological Agents law on health work

Road construction emergency planning and management is a difficult juggling act for a health and safety officer. Here is a case study. Similar risks apply to road improvement, road maintenance, and street infrastructure, writes Rudy Maritz. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of road workers, while allowing traffic […]

How to plan for a road construction emergency